Woman Seeks $1.25M For
Drunken Tumble In Calgary Pub

By: Stephen Lequire, TorontoSun.com

Woman Seeks $1.25M For Drunken Tumble In Calgary Pub


CALGARY — A local woman who got so drunk she fell while trying to negotiate stairs to the washroom, cracking her skull, is suing a city pub for $1.25 million.

In her statement of claim, a copy of which was obtained Monday by QMI Agency, Gloria Williams said she was badly hurt when she fell while trying to get to the basement washroom at Riverbend Station Pub.

Williams alleges staff at the southeast bar were irresponsible because they allowed her to keep drinking booze, even after she became drunk.

The defendants were negligent for "continuing to serve alcoholic beverages to the plaintiff ... when they knew, or ought to have known, that she was intoxicated," her claim says.

Staff were also to blame for "failing to monitor, or properly monitor, the consumption of alcoholic beverages by the plaintiff."

Her court documents say Williams went to the pub on March 28, 2010.

Early the next morning, while attempting to descend the stairwell to the women's washroom, she fell "to the cement floor causing her serious personal injuries."

The claim also alleges the bar's owners were negligent in maintaining and constructing the stairwell and for "failing to provide easy and safe access to its washroom facilities."

The City of Calgary is also named as a defendant for approving the building design.

Her claim says Williams suffered "traumatic brain injuries," including a subdural haemorrhage, which required surgery, and basal skull fractures.

The wounds left her with partial paralysis of her face, and right shoulder, arm, hand and leg, as well as post traumatic amnesia, it says.

A statement of defence disputing the unproven allegations in Williams' claim, has not yet been filed.


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