Herman Sidhu Extension 240, hsidhu@yplaw.ca

Herman was born in Calgary and spent his early years growing up in the small town of Elkford, B.C. before returning to Calgary where graduated from Rundle College Senior High School.

Herman obtained his Law degree from the school of law at the University of Leicester, in England and was the recipient of a Certificate of Qualification from the National Committee on Accreditation of The Federation of Law Societies of Canada shortly thereafter.

Herman began articling with David Yanko in May, 2012 and was admitted to the Law Society of Alberta in 2013 and continues to work for David Yanko as a personal injury lawyer.

In his spare time Herman plays hockey at the Monterey Park Community Centre and engages in volunteer programs at the Dashmesh Culture Centre. He is also fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi and plans to continue practicing law in the City of Calgary.





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