Brad Popovic Extension 310,

Graduating from law school in 1996, he started internship with the United Nations International Trade Law Branch in Vienna, with a focus on international electronic commerce, cross-border insolvencies, and privately financed international infrastructure projects.

Thereafter, he continued with the United Nations Center for International Crime Prevention and the United Nations Development Program, implementing a criminal justice project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country resulting from the disintegration of Yugoslavia, coming into existence by virtue of the Dayton Accord (1995). He worked on reforms in the areas of criminal law and procedures, corruption, juvenile justice and introducing a computerized case management system in the Courts.

Returning to Alberta in 2000, he articled for David Yanko and practiced criminal law and personal injury litigation. In 2003, David Yanko and Brad Popovic opened a law firm where they continue to serve in the areas of criminal law and personal injury. In addition, he is engaged in private and public international law to further both social and economic development, presently focusing on Latin America and the former Yugoslavia, working on developing economic ties between Alberta and Paraguay, and international contracts to facilitate foreign investment.

Serving as the Honorary Consul of Paraguay for Alberta, the office seeks to foster bilateral socio-economic relations between the province of Alberta and Paraguay.





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